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How to Plan and Execute
Meetings & Conferences Post COVID-19

How do you do your job as a Planner to react to the changes caused by COVID-19 beyond just putting less people at a table or place dots on the floor at registration?

What people are saying...

  • “Thank you for this timely session. I took a ton of notes and will digest when our rush of virtual events is behind us. I am impressed by the depth of your knowledge on all things Covid- 19 and the ease in which you shared all the information in a structure and easy to follow manner. Thanks!”
  • “Really like how it showed real world uses not clip art like other courses”
  • “Was great to hear directly from a planner that has been doing events in the midst of Covid”

These two sessions will help prepare you on getting back to Face 2 Face meetings.
Session 1 – will show you how to look at all planning elements through a new lens of COVID
Session 2 – will dig deeper into the creative options to change each element of your agenda


Session 1 – How to Plan and Execute Meetings & Conference Post COVID -19

A recent study by a global association of the exhibition industry shows that “businesses are eager for the return to in-person events” and we know the industry is excited to get back to the business of meeting.

But there is more to planning a meeting, conference or exhibition post COVID-19 than just how many people will the venue let you put in a room or seat at a table. You need to apply the COVID-19 lens to every part of the planning – from Marketing to your attendees, pre-planning, the on site execution, and all the way to post event reporting.

In this training you will learn how to apply this new level of thinking to all aspect of your planning role and show your boss, your clients and your attendees that you have the skills to plan in this new world and keep them safe..

At the conclusion of the session, you will receive a certificate verifying your completion and earn two hours of continuing education credits in the Meeting or Design Domain as defined by the Events Industry Council CMP International Standards. You will also receive a link to an in depth set of resources including COVID-19 check lists and planning documents, PPE suppliers, vendors, and a vast array of COVID-19 resources and links.

In this course we will cover a number of topics including:

  • How to earn back attendees
  • Testing, Screening and Monitoring Protocols
  • Social Distancing
  • Site Disinfection
  • Contract tracing and reporting
  • Your Role compared to your vendor and supplier partners

Session 2 – How to redesign your Agenda Post COVID-19

How do you have networking sessions and keep six feet of separation? What are the options for general sessions set ups? The answer, creativity is the key. This session we will dive deeper in the agenda content and how we can meet COVID registration and still have a great meeting, conference, or event. This session is full of great examples for events that have happened since we have started to come out of the lock downs. This one-hour session will earn you continuing education credits in the Meeting & Design Domain as defined by the Events Industry Council CMP Internal Standards.

Julie Ann Schmidt, CMP, CMM, C19CO

Julie Ann has spent the last twelve years running Lithium Logistics Group and planning events for clients all around the world. Trained as a civil engineer, she quickly pivoted to the meetings and events industry working for BI, Excellence in Motivation, MotivAction and BCD before starting her own firm in 2008..

She named her firm Lithium Logistics Group because Lithium is the third element on the periodic table, and there are three elements to her firm. The third element is Leadership Development, something she has always been passionate about. She has served in leadership roles in many industry organizations including MPI, PCMA and ASAE, was at the forefront of defining and supporting emerging leaders in our industry, earned a MPI RISE award for a program she created, and has been working on unique and diverse program for her clients across the globe. She has is an author, trainer, and industry public speaker and is an award winning planner with over 25 years of experience..

After earning her COVID-19 Compliance Officer Certification, serving on the NSA COVID-19 Task Force and being part of live events during the shut down, Julie Ann set about translating her unique experiences into training session to once again help her peers.


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